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Covid-19 Precautions and Safety Measures

Our entire team at Toothlife Studios provides our patients with the highest level of care.

This includes taking extra precautions with Covid-19 to ensure the safety of our patients and team.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our office at (416)698-9697.

Here are just a few things we do to keep you and your loved ones safe.

These little, perhaps unseen details, go a long way to ensure you feel safe and comfortable keeping your scheduled appointments.  

Before Entering Toothlife Studio​

  • Covid screening documentation is completed online prior to patient arrival.

  • All forms, Medical History, Dental History, Insurance forms and X-ray Release forms are emailed to all patients before the appointment. Patients are encouraged not to come in early. 

  • Two-way text messaging is available to keep all patients up-to-date on the status of appointments. 

  • All persons entering the office must call from the entrance to ensure all Covid screening forms have been completed prior to being welcomed into the office.

  • Doors are kept locked at all times and are opened upon arrival and exiting.  

Once Entering Toothlife Studio

  • Temperature check & hand sanitizer upon arrival, during treatment and upon exiting. 

  • All individuals entering the office are documented and receive a covid screening (even Amazon Delivery!)

  • All patients wear shoe coverings upon entry.

  • The reception area is temporarily closed and patients are seated directly into treatment rooms.

  • Nonessential belongings are placed in an airtight container that is sanitized between patients. 

  • Guests are not permitted to accompany patients unless the patient is a minor or requires special assistance. 

  • Masks are worn indoors and in common spaces unless you are a patient being treated. 

Treatment Modifications and Rooms

  • All patients complete a preprocedural mouth rinse to reduce aerosol microbes. 

  • "Fallow time" or time between patients is followed based on guidelines for dentists and hygienists to allow aerosol particles to settle prior to sanitizing treatment rooms between patients. 

  • Operatories are enclosed to contain all aerosols. 

  • The highest level of protective equipment is used by all clinicians which includes an N95, gown and face shield for all patients. 

  • A new clean gown is worn by each team member for every patient. 

  • Protective eyewear for team members and patients are disinfected before each patient. 

  • Logging of all sterilized dental instruments is documented in each patient chart. 

  • Additional HEPA filtration is provided during dental hygiene services. 

Common Spaces and Other Precautions

  • Pens, counters, POS systems and all contact surfaces are sanitized after each use. 

  • Restrooms are checked and cleaned between each use. 

  • Ipads, phones and computers are cleaned between patients. 

  • Temporary closure of our hot beverage center. 

  • Temporary discontinue of our complimentary paraffin hand wax service. 

  • Team laundry service provided which means new scrubs are worn by all clinical teams daily. 

  • Nightly deep cleaning of the entire office is conducted by a professional cleaning service after hours. 

Your safety and the safety of our team members is a top priority! 

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